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    1. Max Vacuum Level: -75 kPa
    2. Max Flow Rate: 2,896 Nl/min
    3. Air Consumption: 832 Nl/min
    4. Width: 130 mm
    5. SKU: GM130

    The V-Grip Foam Pad GM130 has been integrated with our highly efficient VMECA Vacuum Cartridge. Also, the flexible soft durable foam can grip even and uneven surface objects without a hassle. The V-Grip offers options such as an adjustable check valve where you are able to adjust it from off, low, medium, high, and max flow settings. The V-Grip has been designed with a lightweight aluminum body frame, has slots for easy installation, and requires very low maintenance.


    1. Integrated VMECA cartridge technology inside
    2. Handles various products with different shapes & sizes
    3. Flexible sealing foam(EPDM) for excellent gripping
    4. Check valve and filter integrated
    5. Durable and light weight aluminum body frame
    6. Easy Installation and low maintenance

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