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    HomeSẢN PHẢMSMT PRODUCT 〉 Weller WT Line WT1011N

    1-Channel Power Unit, 95 W

    Digital Soldering Station WT 1, 120V, 60Hz (95W) with WP65 and WSR 201
    WP 65 The soldering iron (65 W) power response tip for delicate and small applications. Tip family XNT
    OFF time, Prozess window, Lock function, Offset
    Equipotential bonding:on
    Overcurrent release:n.a.
    Temperature stability °F:±4
    Fuse:0,5 A
    Temperature stability °C:±2
    Temperature accuracy °F:±17
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °F:150 - 850
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °C:50 - 450
    Weight (approx.) in kg:1.9
    Dimensions L x W x H (inches):5,87 x 5,44 x 3,98
    Temperature accuracy °C:±9
    Power:95 W
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm):149 x 138 x 101
    Voltage:120 V
    Power cable:USA
    Temperature range:Adjustable from 50°C - 450°C (150°F - 850°C) Adjustable temperature range varies among tools
    Display:Backlit LCD


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