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    Solder Feeder System 120 W

    Efficient, single-handed soldering
    Precise operation for highest quality work
    Nonstick coating inside solder feed tube (no flux adhesion; save on maintenance costs)
    Integrated start / stop / standby functions conserves energy and extends the service life of the unit
    Amount of solder can be pre-set for efficient use. Feed motion is adjustable from 1 mm/s to 27.5 mm/s (0.04 in./s to 1.08 in.s)
    Timer mode: a defined amount of solder is applied each time the finger switch is depressed (LED on)
    Pulse mode: the solder wire is continuously delivered as long as the switch is pressed (LED off)
    Compatible with Weller WX series soldering and rework base stations (sold separately)
    Compatible with 0.5mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0 mm solder wire diameters
    Consists of WXSF80 solder feeder unit, XTB (2.4 mm) soldering tip, 120W soldering iron with integrated solder feeder
    Voltage:24 V AC
    Power:120 W (126 W)
    Weight (approx.) in kg:1.0
    Temperature range °C:100 - 450
    Temperature range °F:200 - 850
    Heating time (approx.) in seconds (50–350 °C/120–660 °F):14
    Connectable to:WX 1, WX 2, WXD 2, WXA 2, WXR 3
    Tip range:XT
    Power Response heating element technology:on
    Supply unit:WX 1, WX 2, WXD 2, WXA 2, WXR 3

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