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    Micro desoldering tweezers WMRT with safety rest

    Micro desoldering tweezers WMRT with RTW2 tip cartridge - 12 V / 80 W (2 x 40 W)
    Set includes WMRTH safety rest
    RTW series tweezers use RTW series tip cartridges
    Ideal for soldering and desoldering of very small SMD components
    Quick tip exchange
    Extremely quick heating time (100°/sec)
    Energy saving standby and auto off functions
    ESD Safe
    Voltage:12 V
    Power:80 W (2 x 40 W)
    Heating time (approx.) in seconds (50–350 °C/120–660 °F):ca. 3 sec. 50°C - 350°C (120°F - 660°F)
    Temperature range:100°C - 450°C (212°F - 850°F)
    Connectable to:WD 1M, WR 3M
    Tip range:RTW
    Active Tip heating element technology:on


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