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    2-Channel Solder- and Desoldering Station, 200 W (255 W)

    Desoldering station WXD 2, 2 channels digital and electronically controlled with desoldering iron WXDP 120
    Soldering- and desoldering tools with intelligent WX technology
    Compatible with WXMT-MS and WXMT desoldering tweezers
    Intuitiva touch screen display
    Compressed air supply required: 400 - 600 kPA (50-87 psi); oil-free, dry compressed air
    Data logging and PC connectivity possible
    Standby and auto off modes for energy savings
    Peripheral control of WHP 1000 / WHP 3000 hot plates and Zero Smog 4V and 6V fume extraction units
    Max. vacuum:.7 bar;20.7 inHg
    Voltage:120 V
    Power:200 W (255 W)
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °C:50 - 550
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °F:150 – 999
    Temperature accuracy °C:±9
    Temperature accuracy °F:±17
    Temperature stability °C:±2
    Temperature stability °F:±4
    Temperature range °F:200°F to 850°F
    Temperature range:93, 3333° C to 454, 444° C
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm):174 x 154 x 135
    Fuse:T2 A
    Air consumption l/min:35
    USB port:on
    Vacuum:55 kPA (8 psi)
    Dimensions L x W x H (inches):6,69 x 5,94 x 5,12
    Weight (approx.) in kg:3.2
    USB:USB interface in front of firmware updates, parameterization and monitoring USB interface supports all standard USB flash drive types
    Power cable:USA
    Temperature range:Adjustable from 50°C - 550°C (150°F - 999°C) Adjustable temperature range varies among tools
    Display:255 x 128 dots / Backlighting
    Compressed air connection:Outer diameter 6 mm (0, 24 "), oil-free, dry compressed air

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